Tunisian republic
Local and environmental business
Mahres Municipality
Municipality / Municipal Council


The City Council is composed of 16 members (mayor, vice president, four assistants and 10 councilors). The City Council shall meet 4 times a year, during the months of February, May, July and November



Evolution in the composition of the municipal council



  Municipal committees  

After the oath, the council form 8 permenantes committees :

Committee of administrative and financial affairs.

 Work and urban planning commission.

Committee of health, hygiene and environmental protection.

Social affairs commission.

Commission for the Youth, Sports, and Culture.

Economic affairs commission.

Cooseration and External Relations committee.

Commission of volunteerism.

The council may also form temporary committees committed to study specific topics such as:

Commission for audits and tenders’ opening.

 Commission for the revision of the taxes of the existing buildings.

Commission for legal and financial affairs